Transcosmos Vietnam Co., Ltd.
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Từ 100 đến 299
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Nhật Bản
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Máy tính/IT
Địa chỉ:
Tầng 8, Tòa nhà Scetpa, 19A Cộng Hòa, P.12, Q. Tân Bình, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

Thông tin công ty

Transcosmos Technologic Arts is a 100% Japanese owned company and a leader in Software Programming & IT Solution.
We have more than 35,000 employees in around the world. Currently, in HCMC, there are 150+ employees.

Since being jointly established in 2014 by transcosmos and Technologic Arts Incorporated, as an expert on Agile development methodologies, we have been providing products and solutions with faster time to market, latest technologies and predictable delivery to meet clients’ requirements and satisfaction.

Our Benefits:

  • Working Environment: dynamic, young and friendly
  • Training: Attend project training before working with clients directly if need
  • Career path: you wil have the stable career path
  • Salary: Attractive salary, based on skill and experience, 13th month salary.
  • Project bonus
  • Onsite in Japan
  • Monthly events: play badminton, football,... and party.
  • Health Insurance
  • Holiday trips per year

Our Company believes that motivation & personality of the employees are the only shortcut to the promotion of the corporate and contributions to the society. We will try our best to create a corporate environment where all employees can realize their dreams and goals

Tầm nhìn

We have more than 35,000 employees in around the world. Currently, in HCMC, there are 150 employees. We are urgent hiring to 200 people at the end of 2016.
This year 3 teams had chances to onsite in Japan. Why don't you try because good chances are for everyone?

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