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物流業界でのカスタマーサービス職 at ViecBonus Client Công ty:

ViecBonus Client

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TP.Hồ Chí Minh

日系の物流会社にて、カスタマーサービススタッフとして、様々なお客様(主に日系企業)からの対応をお任せします。出荷手配及び集配の手配、発着での出荷に関するお問い合わせや、出荷管理を親切、丁寧に対応するお仕事です。勤務地はホーチミン市1区です。. ・お客様のご要望のヒアリング、ご注文内容の確認。. ・受注した内容に沿って、パートナー企業(ベトナム系企業)に連絡、発注。. ・商品の発送からお客様の手元に届くまでを管理。. ・お客様の問い合わせに対応。. ・そのほか、必要に応じてマネージャー(日本人)のサポート業務。

ViecBonus Client

We received 100th anniversary of establishment into Nohhi Logistics Co., Ltd. in 2016 (Heisei 28 years). Since we established a business as the depot class of the localness bank (in 1916) in 1916, development of an advance to a truck rail transport section and the export/import transaction based in Port of Nagoya kept growing steady. A base is also established in China and ASEAN each country such as Shanghai and Hong Kong as well as Japan Domestic and International Logistics is strengthened present. International intermodal transport service by which depot truck transportation, a rail transport and harbor luck net the all as an overall distribution enterprise, it's achieved, I came.
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