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ViecBonus Client

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Hà Nội

Compensation: Based on current package of the candidate and company's budget and compensation plan. Benefits:. 1. Company Stability & International Management100% invested by foreign company in Singapore. 100% Korean Management. 2. 5 days Working Days: 08:30 am – 05:30 pm from Monday to Friday. 3. Company Insurance Coverage for employee. 4. Flexible benefit program that each employee can use for:. Medical Program:. To complement the group medical insurance plan, the following items not covered by the Group Medical Insurance Program are allowable expenses for reimbursement (except any form of Cosmetic Medical Services):Optical Services (including expenses on purchasing glasses and contact lens). Maternity-related expenses. Premium Charges for Group Medical Insurance Program only. Traditional Vietnamese Medicines. Wellness Program:. To promote fitness and good health, the following items have been included as allowable expenses for reimbursement:Health Screening Expenses. Immunization. Health Supplements. Gym/ Fitness Centre/ Sports Club Membership/ Entrance Fees. Fitness Classes (e.g. yoga, pilates, aerobic, dance, martial arts, etc). Training & Development Program:. To facilitate and encourage development and fulfilment beyond traditional training, the following items are allowable expenses for reimbursement:Educational Courses. Certification Programs. Enrichment Courses. 5. Compensation/Bonus based on international standard for each role and responsibility. 6. Social & health insurance: Social and health insurance of the Employee will be paid in accordance with the regulations on insurance. 7. Cell Phone allowance support. 8. National public holidays: According to the regulations of government. 9. 15 days of annual leave. 10. Maximum 30 days of annual medical sick leave. 11. Company reimburse sales and work related expense based on expense reimbursement policy. 12. Career Growth OpportunityWorld leading skills online and offline training and education programs. Rapid grow up in professional skills that can be used world wide. Chance to participate annual meetings and conference outside of Vietnam

ViecBonus Client

The company is a Joint Stock Company (JSC) of Korean and Vietnamese investors and will be conducting brokerage and enablement services of IT solution and insurance service.
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