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$800 - $2,000

Java Engineer  at Geniee Vietnam Co., Ltd. Công ty:

Geniee Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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1. Primary Role:. Java/J2EE Senior/Software Engineer works with members of the development organization and is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of software applications (using Sping or SpringMVC). 2. Working Relationships:Work with project team members and support functions. Report daily works to the manager. Working hour: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (1-hour lunch break) from Monday to Friday. 3. SE Java Responsibilities:Codes, unit tests, debugs, implements, and documents basic programs. Assists in the research and analysis of existing systems and program requirements. Designs basic programs for projects or enhancements to existing programs. Writes specifications for programs of low to moderate complexity. Assists in resolving routine production support problems. Assists in the completion of unit testing by preparing test data, running tests and evaluating results. Creates basic documentation in work assignments such as program code. Conducts routine quality assurance activities such as peer reviews

Geniee Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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Máy tính/IT
Geniee is a leading Supply Side Platform (SSP) in Asia, with HQ in Japan. Highly appreciate the development potential of Vietnam - a country with a dynamic economy, attractive investment policies, one of the key destination to Japan groups, Geniee Vietnam Co,. Ltd was established in September, 2013 in Hanoi. Our com...
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