日系Web広告制作会社での勤務。 日本のクライアント向けに運営しているWeb広告に関する、広告管理及びクライアントへのレポーティング業務。 全て日本語で業務を行っています。 ・業種 インターネットサービス業 ・その他 独資100%の日系企業 MicroAd Vietnam、サイバーエージェント・ベンチャーズとグループ会社

Salary: $300 - $1,000
Work city: Ho Chi Minh City
Referrer bonus: $100

Job descriptions

・業務内容 インターネット広告の管理及び、レポーティング

Job requirements

・応募資格 Excelが使える方

・日本語力 N3相当以上



・その他 ポジティブで前向き、チャレンジ精神旺盛、協調性のある方は大歓迎!!! 本気でベトナムでNo.1の会社を一緒に創りたい方は大歓迎!!

・選考方法 STEP1 人事面談 STEP2 事業部の責任者面談 STEP3 最終面談 ・入社日


・給与 300~1000USD

・福利厚生 駐車場完備、ガソリン代支給、社会保険(厚生年金、失業保険、医療保険)加入 懇親会費毎月支給、月次成果インセンティブ支給、査定年4回実施、社内部活動支援制度あり 日本での研修制度有り、テトボーナス支給、その他残業手当などベトナムの法律に従う

Job skills

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1. Develop and do marketing activities for NSV products including CAD/CAM/CAE software, IT integration items such as IT Software and Hardware. Main assigned products shall be CAD/CAM/CAE software. Typical activities as below:. - Execute marketing programs with software vendors to support the overall product strategy and corporate objectives. - Analyze current market research and competitor strategies. - Coordinate with cross-functional teams to develop and implement a brand plan of action based on product profile, market dynamics, as well as competitive landscape and intelligence. - Implement promotional campaigns timely. - Liaise and network with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues, suppliers and partner organizations. - Communicate with target audiences and manage customer relationships. - Manage the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters, flyers, newsletters, e-newsletters, etc. - Report on market situations and trends to management. - Understand products in order to explain customers. - Identify market opportunities and target customers through competitive analysis, positioning, and marketing strategy assessments. Identify specific distribution or channel issues and provide appropriate management. 2. Working place: Thang Long Industrial Park 1, Dong Anh, Hanoi. 3. Working hours: Monday to Friday (8:15 a.m. – 17:15 p.m.) and 2 Saturdays per month (8:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
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cong ty Framgia Framgia Cong viec Japanese IT Communicator  tai Ha Noi
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