IT Infrastructure Staff

Cơ hội tốt cho ứng viên mong muốn công việc ổn định, đãi ngộ tốt, không yêu cầu khả năng ngoại ngữ hay kinh nghiệm làm việc

Salary: $600 - $1,000
Work city: Ha Noi
ViecBonus: 2mil VND

Job descriptions

  • Xây dựng và duy trì server SQL (cơ sở dữ liệu)
  • Duy trì hệ thống Gmail và máy chủ của công ty
  • Thời gian làm việc: 8:30-17:30
  • Địa điểm làm việc: KCN Thăng Long, Đông Anh, Hà Nội

Job requirements

1. Không yêu cầu kinh nghiệm (có kinh nghiệm cùng mảng là điểm cộng)

2. Tuổi: 25-35 tuổi

3. Kỹ năng: Kỹ năng vi tính (cả phần mềm và phần cứng) và hiểu biết về IT infrastructure

4. Ngoại ngữ: không yêu cầu, biết tiếng Anh là điểm cộng

5. Là người có đạo đức tốt và thích công việc ổn định


1. Trợ cấp: Thương lượng

2. Thưởng: Thưởng Tết (lương tháng 13)

3. Các sự kiện:

- Du lịch công ty

- Tiệc công ty mỗi tháng một lần

4. Xét tăng lương: 1 lần / năm

Job skills

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Recommended Jobs
Salary: $700 - $1,000
本ポジションはITインフラ提案営業職になります。ITサーバー、PC、ネットワークなどを工場やオフィス向けに提案します。日本人顧客と日本語での商談も発生するため、高度な日本語が求められます。. . This position is supposed to sell for IT Infra products, like IT server, PC, Networks and so on. Highly Japanese skill is required to understand business Japanese in meeting with clients.
cong ty ViecBonus Client ViecBonus Client Cong viec IT Infrastructure Sales staff  tai Ha Noi
Ha Noi
IT Infrastructure Sales staff  trong linh vuc Computer/IT
Salary: Negotiable
1. Customer support: Provide consultancy and first training to Customers purchased products such as Microscope, Laser Marker, Vision, etc. in order to maximize product’s performance. Support Salespersons and Customers for any technical queries on company’s products. Offer after-sales support services and customer problem solving. Visit Customers onsite to guide, set up and support in need. 2. Internal support:Participate in Seminars to explain and promote about company’s products and functions. Support Marketing by attending Trade shows, Conferences and other Marketing events. Provide training sessions to new Sales staff and experienced Sales staff on High-end products. Liaise with other members of Sales / Admin team and Technical experts. 3. Other related jobs as per requirements.
cong ty ViecBonus Client ViecBonus Client Cong viec Technical Staff  tai Ha Noi
Ha Noi
Technical Staff  trong linh vuc Electronic Industry
Electronic Industry
Salary: Negotiable
Design and make technical documents for proposal to submit to customers. Support sales to present or explain to customer for proposal. Follow up, manage project progress and make prompt action to ensure it on schedule, meet customer demand. Solve the trouble occur while the projects are on process (if any) by cooperating with other colleges in team. Install software for IT equipment such as : Application software for PC, Software for Server. Install driver for hardware such as Printer, USB…. Config for WAN and security equipment such as Router, Firewall…. Delivery equipment to customer at schedule assigned by Managers. Take responsibility of the technical of whole projects even after finish. Maintain and developing the close, good relationship with customer for long term business opportunities. Make troubleshooting for customer if any. Give IT consult to customer if request. Support for customer after sales in case of trouble or warranty. Make report :. + Service Reports as Standard of KDDI service. + Project Reports on process and on schedule. + Reports of new plan and strategy (if any). + Reports of trouble and solutions
cong ty KDDI Vietnam Corporation KDDI Vietnam Corporation Cong viec IT Engineer tai Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City
IT Engineer trong linh vuc Consulting