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$450 - $700

Consultant Assistant at ViecBonus Client Company:

ViecBonus Client

ViecBonus Client location Working city:

Ha Noi

1. Working hours: 8:00 – 17:00. 2. Allowance:. - Insurance in accordance with Vietnam Labour Law. - Commute allowance: VND 500,000. - Retirement allowance: 2 months (after working at least 1 year). 3. Event: Company trip once per a few years. 4. Others:. - Salary Review: Once per year. - Bonus: before Tet, 13th salary. - Study sessions of law, accounting, and formal Japanese expressions

ViecBonus Client

Our main business is to provide full package of consulting services to Japanese enterprises investing and entering Vietnamese market. We are proud to have a group of employees that have excellent expertise in consulting field.
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