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Application Engineer for CAD/CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) at ViecBonus Client Công ty:

ViecBonus Client

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1. Bachelor degree of university in Mechanical engineering or metal forming. 2. Age & Gender: From 28 years old. Male. 3. Skills:. - Good background on FEA (Finite Element Analysis), Theory of Finite Element Method and some well-known non-linear analysis such as buckling, frequency response analysis. - Proficient in least one of CAD/CAE software such as CATIA, ANSYS, MSC SOFTWARE or HYPERWORKS and can study how to use CAD/CAE software from manual files. - Strong analytical and planning skills. - Understanding of mechanical fields which relating with CAD/CAM/CAE solutions. 4. Languages: can read and write English technical documentations. 5. Personality:. - Creative, having positively-thinking and self-improving mind. - Capable of working under high pressure. - Demonstrate ability to work in a team based environment. - Work with a high standard of ethics, professionalism, and competency. - Friendly and have challenge spirits against hard working. - Having business manner and self-consciousness to be business person

ViecBonus Client

Established in 2002, the company is the joint venture of the 2 groups from Thailand and Vietnam. In Vietnam, the company is major in providing CAD, CAM, CAE solutions and developing system integration.
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