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$400 - $700

Sales and Marketing (Senior Executive) at ViecBonus Client Công ty:

ViecBonus Client

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Hà Nội

1. Perform marketing activitiesArrange supply issues with the Company's customers and Logistic coordinator in the Company. Track record of delivery of sales targets and performance. Support marketing targets: Preparing marketing proposals, maintaining Company's regular contact with customers through phone, fax, e-mail, and visits, assisting in resolving any problems, developing marketing channels. Maximize value for both customers and Company, negotiate with customers ensuring not to make any promise that cannot be delivered. Implement advanced Value Selling techniques to maximize value for both our customers and Company. Proactively manage and challenge all revenues and costs associated within the activity at the Account to maximize impact on Account profitability. Assist for After-Sales Support to follow-up on orders to ensure satisfactory completion of contract terms (requirements, delivery, payment schedule, etc.) and by troubleshooting problems in a timely manner; by developing new marketing channels. Assist in purchase orders by following purchase orders and other shipping documents; by keeping track of purchase orders and by writing cost reports. 2. OthersKeep management informed by identifying strengths and weaknesses of the Company's processes and recommending changes, and by reporting problems immediately to Management verbally or in writing in order to avoid further problems. Communicate with Customers/Vendors by exchanging information through telephone, fax, e-mail, and business trips; by communicating with vendors; and by following-up to ensure problems or claims are corrected. Manage time and resources by managing time and other resources (phone, fax, e-mail) in order to maximize productivity and by covering for other Staff when needed.

ViecBonus Client

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